A Little Candle Magic


It was a very busy week. I mean a VERY busy week. Working late every night, the house work had suffered. But, of course when friends said they would like to stop by on Friday evening, the fact that my house looked like a freight train had traveled through and I had not even picked up groceries went right out of my head. Of course I would be delighted to have them stop by for a beverage and chat. I love my friends and it was only Wednesday, I would have plenty of time to get my ducks in a row.

Wednesday evening I got home late and just could not bring myself to tackle the mess, Thurs, was the same, so the only recourse was to just make sure that I got home from work early on Fri. That would give me plenty of time to clean the house, fix a stunning snack or two and be the perfect hostess. Well, by now you can probably tell where this is going….Friday was a really late night at work. Many last minute issues to be taken care of before the weekend. By the time I got home, I had one hour before my guests arrived.

A quick assessment of the situation, left me to wonder how in the world two people could create such a mess in a week…and how does so much dust enter a home when the windows are closed to the cool fall air, and we are gone all day. But, no time to stop and think about this. First a trip to the refrigerator, a jar of commercial salsa is about all that has any promise. I quickly throw it in a bowl, squeeze the juice of half of a lime in, chop a fresh jalapeno and some cilantro and toss it in. Put in a pretty bowl with a few chips on the side, and this will pass. Some pretzels, nuts and cheese balls in a bowl and toss them together. Grab a stemmed glass and fill it with chocolates. That is as good as this spread is going to get. The bottle of wine I have on hand will have to do, but I know it will taste much better if I pull out the best wine glasses.

Now to the house. Only 15 minutes left. No time to dust or vacuum. Time for some candle magic. I clear off the mail and papers and fill the coffee table with an array of fall scented candles. A few mini pumpkins and gourds in the mix. The mantle is sporting a fine layer of dust, but candles on mini cake stands at varies heights, will hide that just fine. A few silk leaves entwined and it looks like a plan. The dining room table is the same story, but it already has a runner in the center, so a line of uniform candles looks completely planned. A few votives on the bar, in the powder room and on the kitchen island and we are ready for show time. A quick trip through the house with the stick lighter and dim the lights and we are ready. As the last light is dimmed, my dear husband walks in in. “Wow, this place looks and smells amazing. You must have come home early and been working hard.”

As my guests enjoyed the evening, I just sat back and enjoyed the compliments on my “homemade” salsa, lovely wine and of course my beautiful fall decorations in my spotless home. No, I am not about to tell them that it is just a little Candle Magic. That will be our little secret.