A Natural Easter


Easter seems like the perfect time to think about nature. It is the first holiday of spring. The earth is full of promise for growth and rebirth. So, why are the store isles filled with bright colored plastic eggs and artificial Easter grass? Seems like a departure from nature to me.

So, I began my quest to make things a bit more earth friendly. First, I planted some rye grass in inexpensive plant trays. A little seed sprinkled over the moist soil and in just a couple of days, I could see the promise of a lush field of natural Easter grass. It was such fun to watch it grow and fill my tray. The first green of the season, and it is right in my living space. A little wrap of ribbon and this 20 cent tray is a fun, natural Easter basket.

Easter 1

Another seems to fit perfectly in an old fashioned Easter basket. A chocolate bunny and a few eggs added and you have an adorable natural gift. The kids will have fun watering and scissor trimming their basket for weeks to come.

Easter 2

There are many articles out there on natural dyes for eggs. I researched using onion skins, tea, fresh herbs, or beets. All sounded very promising so I headed to the store to buy eggs. But, when I saw these, I knew that nature had done the work for me. I could not improve on the beauty of these golden brown ovals. I am keeping it natural.

Eater 3

I cracked a few for my morning omelet and the broken shell spoke to me. I couldn’t resist putting a little soil and a few of my rye grass seeds in shell halves and seeing what happened. I also added a few herb and flower seeds. I am going to tuck these in the baskets. When the soil warms up the kids will be able to break out the bottom of the shell and place the whole thing in the earth and watch it grown.

Easter 4
Easter 5

The cold winter has made it too early for any spring flowers to be available in my garden. I am going to call on my grass once more to fill in as a center piece. A pretty bowl, some ribbon in spring colors and an all natural Milkhouse candle and I am all set.

Easter 6

My mission to put together a natural Easter has been fun and successful. I hope your Holiday is full of everything that makes you happy!