A Look at How Soy Candles are Made

Candles occupy a special place in people’s lives. We turn to candles to set the mood for some of our most precious experiences – during the holidays, when we’re feeling romantic, when we want to relax, and even during our religious ceremonies. A good candle reliably provides an even burn for just the right light,… Keep Reading

The History of Candles, Past, Present, and Future

The History of Candles, Past, Present, and Future

Today, when we think of candles, our first thought tends to turn toward the aesthetic experience we have today, in the 21st century.   Candles provide ambiance, lighting a room with a dancing light that no electric bulb can replicate. Candlelight is romantic to us because that glowing flicker resonates with us somewhere down deep. It… Keep Reading

The Benefits of Soy Candles


  Many people enjoy candles for the ambiance it brings to their homes and workplaces. The warm feel and pleasant aroma that fills the air reminds you of the past or simply brings a smile to your face. But, soy candles aren’t only good for relaxing and boosting your mood, there are additional benefits that… Keep Reading

Spiced Plum Chutney


  Spiced Plum Chutney is one of our new fragrances.  It is a sweet, spicy fragrance that is mixed with notes of cranberry, orange, and lemon. A touch of cilantro with cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove make this the perfect introduction to fall in your home.       To represent this fragrance, I am going… Keep Reading

Amber Sunset


  Well, you certainly can feel the change of season coming.  Fall is in the air. Along with the fall colors, the sound of crisp leaves under foot as well as the flavors of apple, spices and pumpkins abounding in the stores and farmer’s markets.   This is the perfect time to introduce a new… Keep Reading

Southern Jasmine


    Our Southern Jasmine fragrance has been one of our best selling florals since the beginning of Milkhouse Candles.  Dew-kissed white jasmine flowers in the early morning.  It is like a walk down a path in a groomed southern garden.   Now, we are way up here in the midwest and the evenings this… Keep Reading



  What does tranquility mean to you?  Is it the kids going back to school and being able to enjoy that second cup of coffee in solitude?  Is it a weekend with nothing on the schedule but a good book?  Or maybe a long walk through the woods with nothing but the sounds and scents… Keep Reading

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie


The temperatures say summer.  The sun is shining and the gardens are in their full glory.   But, even though everything says we still have many days left to enjoy our balmy summer weather, a recent walk across a store parking lot showed a few colorful leaves scattered on the pavement.   That is all it takes… Keep Reading



When I hear the word silk, it creates a sensation that I can feel, smell and taste.  It is a texture, a luxury, and an indulgence.  It is the feeling of being pampered and soothed.   Silk production dates back to 2700 BC.  Silkworm larvae are fed with mulberry leaves and after about the fourth… Keep Reading

Cinnamon Stick


    Cinnamon has a long history as both a spice and a medicine.  Cinnamon is the brownish- red inner bark of the cinnamon tree, which when dried, rolls into a cylinder.  It is one of the oldest spices known.  It was mentioned in the bible and was used in ancient Egypt as a beverage… Keep Reading