Spiced Plum Chutney


  Spiced Plum Chutney is one of our new fragrances.  It is a sweet, spicy fragrance that is mixed with notes of cranberry, orange, and lemon. A touch of cilantro with cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove make this the perfect introduction to fall in your home.       To represent this fragrance, I am going… Keep Reading

Southern Jasmine


    Our Southern Jasmine fragrance has been one of our best selling florals since the beginning of Milkhouse Candles.  Dew-kissed white jasmine flowers in the early morning.  It is like a walk down a path in a groomed southern garden.   Now, we are way up here in the midwest and the evenings this… Keep Reading



  What does tranquility mean to you?  Is it the kids going back to school and being able to enjoy that second cup of coffee in solitude?  Is it a weekend with nothing on the schedule but a good book?  Or maybe a long walk through the woods with nothing but the sounds and scents… Keep Reading

Root Beer Float

ROOT BEER FLOAT 2856 for facebook

The root beer float is an iconic childhood treat.  As the last hot days of summer would shorten and remind us that the start of school was quickly approaching, there was always the reprieve of this cold and sassy treat.   There are great root beer vodkas on the market, but I found it really… Keep Reading

Barn Dance

3148 barn dance

    The Milkhouse Barn Dance fragrance has been a Milkhouse best seller for years.   The fragrance is a masculine tribute to the rural life.   Moonshine is one of America’s oldest traditions as is the barn dance.  Prohibition made alcohol illegal in America from 1920—1933.  This caused the whiskey trade to go underground.  Whiskey… Keep Reading

Cappuccino Brûlée

cappuccino brulee 5517 horiz w text

    Some weeks just beg to end with something special.  I am thinking this weekend needs to include a Saturday morning brunch.  Saturday mornings seem so decadent.  Your work week is finished, and there is still Sunday ahead to enjoy and get last minute chores cleaned up before we start over on a new… Keep Reading

Ginger Fig Martini

ginger fig 2787

  I really love fresh figs.  I am so glad that we are now able to purchase fresh figs in one variety or another year round.  But, if not able to find fresh, the dried and the preserves are excellent. However, there is no substitute for fresh ginger root.  It has a hot and fragrant… Keep Reading

Lemon, Basil, & Olive Martini

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Oh, what a trio!  I think you will love this combination.   In the spring my garden is bursting with fresh basil. I love it in just about everything. Pizzas, sauces, pesto, tarts, sprinkled on fresh tomatoes, you name it. So, why wouldn’t I like it in a martini? Well, guess what I do. Did… Keep Reading