Cinnamon Stick


    Cinnamon has a long history as both a spice and a medicine.  Cinnamon is the brownish- red inner bark of the cinnamon tree, which when dried, rolls into a cylinder.  It is one of the oldest spices known.  It was mentioned in the bible and was used in ancient Egypt as a beverage… Keep Reading

Lilac & Wildflowers


    The spring and summer flowers are an example of nature at it’s best.  The delicate petals that the light catches and seems to move right through, the vivid colors that can not be recreated by man, and the intoxicating aromas create an unsurpassed sensory experience.  The Milkhouse Lilac & Wildflower fragrance captures this… Keep Reading

Carrot Spice Cake


The colors that you are treated to when you walk through a farmers market are amazing.  The purple eggplants, the bright red tomatoes, the vivid greens of lettuce and beans.  But, few things can compare with the earthy orange and bright green tops of carrots right out of the garden.  Occassionaly you will even find… Keep Reading

Root Beer Float

ROOT BEER FLOAT 2856 for facebook

The root beer float is an iconic childhood treat.  As the last hot days of summer would shorten and remind us that the start of school was quickly approaching, there was always the reprieve of this cold and sassy treat.   There are great root beer vodkas on the market, but I found it really… Keep Reading

Olde Glory


    I love the big traditional barbeques that are usually the common fare for patriotic holidays.  I mean, how can you not like the platters of barbecued chicken, the abundant racks of sticky ribs, tangy potato salads, pots of baked beans, pitchers of ice cold lemonade, coolers of beer  and pies and cakes scattered… Keep Reading

Heirloom Tomato

august fom heirloom tomato a

How does your garden grow?  Mine grows very well.  I love to attend local Farmer’s Markets, so I don’t waste my limited space on fresh vegetables I can count on others to grow.  But, I do need to have an abundance of fresh herbs and my beloved Heirloom Tomatoes available right outside my door whenever… Keep Reading

Red Sangria


    I have many favorite Sangria recipes.  But, this one I configured just for summer.  It is full of delicious summer fruit like peaches and raspberry.  Freshened with tart lemonade and kissed with a good apricot brandy.   This is some fine summer sipping.  I love to put this together when I am cleaning… Keep Reading

Sticky Buns


Is it a dessert drink or is it a brunch drink?  Well, you will have to decide about that.  But, I can tell you for sure it is delicious.   This is a great choice for a cocktail year round.  Who can resist a warm, sweet, and spicy cinnamon roll?   A cute garnish for… Keep Reading

Farmer’s Market

farmers market one jpg

What is better on a summer morning then a leisurely breakfast that includes a Bloody Mary?  A trip to the local Farmer’s Market is all the inspiration needed to create the perfect weekend treat.  With bins overflowing with beautiful vivid vegetables and herbs, the entire brunch can be created in one glass.   Let’s start… Keep Reading

Barn Dance

3148 barn dance

    The Milkhouse Barn Dance fragrance has been a Milkhouse best seller for years.   The fragrance is a masculine tribute to the rural life.   Moonshine is one of America’s oldest traditions as is the barn dance.  Prohibition made alcohol illegal in America from 1920—1933.  This caused the whiskey trade to go underground.  Whiskey… Keep Reading