Dill Pickle Revamp


  Tired of bringing the expected bottle of wine to your hostess?  Looking for a small personal gift that will be appreciated?  How about a jar of Sweet Dill Pickles presented in a repurposed Milkhouse Butter Jar. This is based on an old recipe that my mother used to make when we were young.  A… Keep Reading

A Milkbottle Centerpiece


A simple yet stunning centerpiece can be put together with your empty milkbottle containers. After a good wash, just pull together the desired number with a pretty ribbon and place a single fresh bloom in each container with some fresh water. Here I have used 9 empty bottles and a collection of beautiful spring tulips.

Personal Cake Stand


Recycle, Reuse, Relove   Need a personal, inexpensive gift for that birthday, anniversary or house warming?   A Milkhouse Butter Jar in either size can be converted to a perfect cake stand when your candle is gone.  Give your empty container a good wash and let your imagination take over. First you will need an inexpensive… Keep Reading

Succulent Planter

reuse butter jar components

Recycle, Reuse, Re-love   Butter jar candle almost gone?  Well, this is a sad state, but wait- don’t throw it out!  The timing is perfect.  Those last succulents will have to be moved in before the weather gets colder.   Perfect for a terrarium. Clean that butter jar and let’s get it repurposed.  Here is what… Keep Reading

The junk drawer tamed

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  Do you recognize this?  Of course you have one in your house.  It is the dreaded kitchen “Junk Drawer”.    You know the box, drawer or container that holds all of the miscellaneous assortment of rubber bands, twist ties, clips, fasteners, string, and other totally worthless household trinkets.  Worthless until of course you need something… Keep Reading