Milkhouse Customer Highlight: The Woods

Customer Highlight:  The Woods Gifts At Milkhouse Candles, we LOVE our customers! If you ever find yourself in the Maple Grove, MN area and are looking for a unique shopping experience, you MUST make a stop at THE WOODS OF MAPLE GROVE! The variety and attention to detail in this incredible shop will leave you… Keep Reading

Dill Pickle Revamp


  Tired of bringing the expected bottle of wine to your hostess?  Looking for a small personal gift that will be appreciated?  How about a jar of Sweet Dill Pickles presented in a repurposed Milkhouse Butter Jar. This is based on an old recipe that my mother used to make when we were young.  A… Keep Reading

Cappuccino Brûlée

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    Some weeks just beg to end with something special.  I am thinking this weekend needs to include a Saturday morning brunch.  Saturday mornings seem so decadent.  Your work week is finished, and there is still Sunday ahead to enjoy and get last minute chores cleaned up before we start over on a new… Keep Reading

Lemon, Basil, & Olive Martini

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Oh, what a trio!  I think you will love this combination.   In the spring my garden is bursting with fresh basil. I love it in just about everything. Pizzas, sauces, pesto, tarts, sprinkled on fresh tomatoes, you name it. So, why wouldn’t I like it in a martini? Well, guess what I do. Did… Keep Reading