Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils?


With all that natural goodness of the 100% natural Midwest soy wax infused with pure beeswax, many of our customers are asking, “But what about your fragrance? Is that all-natural too?”

While all of our fragrances contain a certain amount of essential oils, the short answer here is no.

“But wait!” you may exclaim. “You use all natural wax and taint it with synthetic fragrances?”

It’s true that Milkhouse Candle Creamery is committed to the earth above all. There are some very important things to consider when optimizing the blend of a quality candle. Both essential oils and fragrance oils have their advantages and disadvantages when used for fragrancing candles and all need to be considered. We dive deep to bring you the best candle experience, and that means optimizing the benefits of each of these options.

Our experience shows overwhelmingly that most Earth, mind, and body-loving people feel that essential oils are the only way to go when considering our planet and our health. Yes, certain essential oils can provide benefit, but we have to consider:


  1. Extraction: Even if an essential oil is labeled as pure, the means by which it was extracted may not be. Certain essential oils require chemical solvents to process.
  2. Is it environmentally friendly? Really? Some essential oils can require hundreds of pounds of plants to make a single ounce of oil. Putting the squeeze on Mother Nature’s natural beauty for the sole purpose of collecting these cherished ingredients leaves us feeling a bit irresponsible.
  3. A vast majority of essential oils come from overseas. The fuel consumption in the transportation of these oils alone can eliminate the “green” aspects of using these ingredients over fragrance oils.


Those opposed to the use of fragrance oils need to consider the following:


  1. Fragrance oils do not put the strain on the environment that essential oils do.
  2. Fragrance oils allow consistent quality where essentials can vary from batch to batch based on environmental conditions and from where the oils were obtained. This includes the fragrance notes of the oil itself.
  3. Certain manufactured fragrances are not available in nature. From a standpoint of triggering memories, we are offered limitless combinations to help our customers find a place to relax and reminisce.


In short, Milkhouse Candles finds that the best blend of fragrances minimizes the impact on environment, maximizes a consistent fragrance that you can count on every time, and gives an ambiance through burn-quality that can’t be beat!