Make it personal


Above: A vintage tea towel wrapped around the crock candle with a special set of measuring spoons, a cute wooden spoon or a petite whisk lets the cook know you are thinking about her first creation.

Is it just me, or does it seem like there are more personal gifts needed in May?
You have graduations, bridal showers, and of course Mother’s Day.
A great smelling Milkhouse candle is always a perfect gift, but maybe you want to add something for that truly personal touch.

Here are a few suggestions:

A favorite recipe

Why not print up a favorite quick and easy dip recipe and include a couple of key ingredients to be used in the crock when the candle is gone.

Nothing compares to the taste of fresh ground nutmeg. How about adding a small grater and a few nutmegs to finish that gift.

A lemon zester and citrus reamer is a great addition to a Lemon, Basil,& Olive candle.

What gardener wouldn’t appreciate a new pair of work gloves and a couple of packets of seeds? The pint crock makes a perfect mini herb garden when empty.

Don’t forget the men in your life. How about a new accessory for the barbeque grill added to one of our masculine fragrances?

Or something for his desk or bar?

A cute wooden spoon on a cream jar invites using the empty container for your favorite jam on the breakfast table.

A Cappi Mug is a wonderful reusable gift, but if you add something for the coffee or tea lover you will really make a statement.

Maybe this is a good time to dig in your drawer for a cherished family treasure. What new bride wouldn’t appreciate one of grandma’s vintage hankies or a special sugar spoon that has been passed down in your family?

You see where this is going. Let your imagination go wild and put something personal with that perfect candle gift. It is the touch that says, I was really thinking of you when I picked this out. I promise it will be noticed.