Peace in the Garden


Have you strolled in the garden lately and felt the sense of tranquility and peace? Or gone for a walk and felt the renewed energy? If you have you are understanding the benefits of Therapeutic Horticulture.

In a garden your senses are more acutely aware. There is no pressure from the outside world. Your sense of smell, sight, sound and taste are all open to the environment. A garden is the perfect place to restore the natural rhythm of your life. The sun on your back, the warm dirt in your hands and the creative vision of your harvest melt into the ultimate escape from modern life.

If you are have long spells of cold and wet like we do in the Midwest, may I suggest some fragrance therapy and a good book for your garden withdrawal. Milkhouse has many great botanical fragrances that will take you to that special place in the garden: French Thyme, Heirloom Tomato, Lemon, Basil & Olive, and Window Garden are all perfect choices. Lost Garden by Helen Humphreys is a wonderful book about a special garden that will get you through until the sun shines and the soil calls your name.