Personal Cake Stand


Recycle, Reuse, Relove


Need a personal, inexpensive gift for that birthday, anniversary or house warming?   A Milkhouse Butter Jar in either size can be converted to a perfect cake stand when your candle is gone.  Give your empty container a good wash and let your imagination take over.


First you will need an inexpensive glass plate and adhesive made for attaching glass to glass.   Remove the label from your glass candle lid.  If it does not remove easily, give it a quick soak in warm water and it will slide right off.  Now dry it completely.   Lay your clean glass plate upside down on your work surface.  Run a thin layer of adhesive around the edge of the lid.  Center on the plate and hold in place for a few seconds.  Set aside to dry as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

A licorice Lovers Dream!


Fill your empty jar with treats and place the lid in place with the plate attached.  Place your homemade or store bought masterpiece on top of the plate and embellish to match the contents of your jar.   You can personalize to fit any occasion or receiver.  Your jar can be filled with candy or small toys.   When the baked goodies are gone, the treat continues.

Lemons and Lemon Drops


Here are a few examples.    A lemon cheesecake on top of lemon drops, chocolate cake on chocolate candles, or a anise flavored cake on licorice candy.

There is no such thing as too much chocolate!