The Benefits of Soy Candles



Many people enjoy candles for the ambiance it brings to their homes and workplaces. The warm feel and pleasant aroma that fills the air reminds you of the past or simply brings a smile to your face. But, soy candles aren’t only good for relaxing and boosting your mood, there are additional benefits that come with the use of soy that are positive for the environment and the United States as a whole.


Benefits of Soy Candles to Small Towns


Soybeans are grown in the United States and represent a renewable source of material for candle making. According to the USDA, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and Indiana are the top producing states ranging from 222-468 million bushels farmed each year. The impact of that farming benefits surrounding towns by providing jobs, tax revenue and infrastructure. But that’s not all. The impact spreads globally as the soybeans are used in different products, including candles, and creates additional jobs as they travel to their final destination.


Benefits of Soy to the Land


Corn and soy complement each other in the growing cycle. As corn grows, it depletes the soil of nitrogen. Solely farming corn over time can render the ground infertile. Soy, however, naturally replenishes the soil of nitrogen. As a result, many farmers rotate the two crops to keep production up while also managing the health of the soil.


Benefits of Soy to the Environment


Soy candles also burn clean, which means there are no toxins or pollutants released into the air when you use them. This means that using soy candles generally won’t trigger allergies or allergic reactions as most paraffin candles will.  Did you know that the carcinogens released when burning a paraffin (non-soy) candle are the same pollutants found in diesel exhaust?


 Soy candles also burn cooler than other candles, which allow you to enjoy them much longer. A soy candle will last 30-50% longer than a traditional candle, which helps you save money and prevent waste while enjoying the beauty of candles in your home. Because they have a lower melting temperature, the wax melts quicker after being lit, which disperses their scent more quickly, allowing for a quicker fragrance boost to the room, which aids in setting the mood right away.

Milkhouse Candles is committed to using only natural cotton wicks in our candles to ensure the healthiest burn.  The other guys often use zinc or leaded wicks.  These elements are unfortunately common in cheaper candles, and can release unwanted carcinogens into the air when the candle is burned.


Where to Find Soy Candles


Soy candles are a fairly recent invention driven by the search for alternatives to beeswax and paraffin. In the ’90s, chemists discovered an efficient way to create soy waxes that were competitive with paraffin wax without the negative environmental impacts.


The candles we produce at Milkhouse Candles come from soy grown right in our region of the upper Midwestern United States. We produce the cleanest burning candles on the market and use no artificial colors. In addition, our jars are produced from 40% recycled glassware and are 100% recyclable. Your Milkhouse Candle jars will continue giving back long after your candle is finished!


When you use soy candles, you get the same look and scents as your standard store-bought candle, but with many more advantages.  Using soy candles helps support American farmers and local agriculture, reduces carcinogens in the environment, and helps support a healthy lifestyle.


For more information on the benefits of soy, or to purchase some of our premium quality soy candles, visit us online or give us a call at 800-565-1543.

 From our family to yours, may you enjoy the natural beauty and scent of soy candles and reap all of the health and environmental benefits.


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