The junk drawer tamed

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Do you recognize this?  Of course you have one in your house.  It is the dreaded kitchen “Junk Drawer”.    You know the box, drawer or container that holds all of the miscellaneous assortment of rubber bands, twist ties, clips, fasteners, string, and other totally worthless household trinkets.  Worthless until of course you need something right now that is hiding within.   Then the search begins and you start repeating your pledge to clean out this mess soon.


I have found the empty classic jars to be the perfect organization tool for this problem.    The tight fitting lids and variety of sizes puts everything in an easy to mange order.

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Here is a neat way to keep that kitchen string from becoming wrapped around all of the other things close by.  Find some rubber gaskets in the hardware store.  With an electric drill, drill a hole the appropriate size.  Squeeze in the gasket.  Place the ball of string inside a 10oz. or 16oz. Classic jar and pull the end out through the hole on the lid.  Just make sure that you keep a scissors nearby so you can easily cut off the exact amount of string needed.


A white permanent marker makes it easy to mark each of the black lids, so there is never any guessing about the contents.

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Everything within reach!


And just look at the end result.  Everything is exactly where it belongs and within easy reach.   Wow, I wonder why I didn’t do this a long time ago!