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Atmosphere is Everything

We’re in the atmosphere business. Creating it. Selling it. Making it smell lovely.

So we know what we’re doing when it comes to creating the right atmosphere for encouraging sales of Milkhouse Candles. That’s why we offer these simple, elegant displays for our products for use in your store. The hand-crafted farmhouse hutches create a scene for your Milkhouse products, not just a display. Their deep color sets off the natural white of our soy candles, and the neutral finishes complete the aura of our clean, down-to-Earth brand.

My customers are boycotting!

I tried a new line for spring/summer called Produce. Have sold 2 since April. My customers are boycotting ... they want Milkhouse! I will never bring in anything else again. They just won’t buy it.– Anonymous

Accessories and More

Once your customers discover our candles at your store, you can bet they’re going to want to try out all our products! So we offer a wide variety of candle accessories, including reed diffusers, fragrance melts, candle holders and more.

Beautiful containers live on after the candle is gone

Just another way to add value to our product and promote sustainability, Milkhouse Candles come in a variety of not only beautiful but USEFUL containers designed to live on after their candle within them has burned away. We’ve got recipes and ideas on our site to help customers reuse their Milkhouse containers with style.

And all our glass containers are 40% recycled and 100% recyclable.

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