Say aloe to my little friend! We thought the Milkhouse office could use some fresh life! An aloe plant or succulent are the perfect plants to bring in bright green natural color! We love the versatility of our candle jars. There are so many possibilities for repurposing! Look for more posts to come to join our new plant friend! Follow these easy steps to create your own office planter!


Supplies you will need:

-empty 26 oz farmhouse jar and 16 oz butter jar


-plant (aloe plant and succulent pictured here)

-gardening tools (shovel, gloves etc)





Step One: gather your supplies. After you’ve burnt your Milkhouse candle simply wash out the remaining wax with soapy water. If you want the label off simply peel it off and rub off excess goo with Goo-Gone.

Step Two: sprinkle a layer of rocks or pebbles in the base of your jar. Add some soil.

Step Three: place your plant in the dirt. Add more dirt and firmly pack so that your plant stays upright.

Step Four: water your plant.

Step Five: enjoy the new life in your office or home!