Have you wondered how to prevent smoke when extinguishing your candle? Or eliminating soot from attaching to the insides of the candle jar? Using a wick dipper is the answer! 

Not only does this preserve the beauty of your candle container, but it also helps to extend the fragrance experience from your Milkhouse Candle. It is a safer and cleaner way to extinguish your candle. 

How does this work? When you are ready to extinguish your candle, simply use the hook end of the wick dipper to push the wick into the melted wax, and then pull it back out and straighten the wick.

You can use a purchased wick dipper or make your own. 

To make your own, use a metal clothes hanger or 18-guage craft wire. Bend the wire on one end to create a hook to use to dip the wick and pull it back out, and then bend or coil the other end to make a handle – you can get creative and add beads to the dipper too.