Looking for a fun, easy craft to do with the kiddos? We whipped up a little bunny vase with our 26 oz Farmhouse Jar. Follow these simple steps to create your own hoppy friend.



-empty 26 oz Farmhouse jar from Milkhouse Candles (simply rinse out your wax with soap and water)



-pom pom (for nose)


-hot glue gun

-googly eyes

-cotton ball (for tail)




How to:

Step one: coat jar in glue and sprinkle glitter over glue. Wait a few hours for this to dry.

Step two: use a hot glue gun to attach googly eyes, cotton ball for tail and a pom pom for nose.

Step 3: draw on mouth and whiskers with a Sharpie.

Step 4: wrap twine around mouth of jar for some added decoration.

Step 5: fill with flowers and enjoy your Easter!