We are loving our colorful, energetic Limited Edition butter jars! They were released just in time for Spring and will sure to be sold out by Summer! Up for grabs are: Passionfruit Lime, Watermelon Bitters, and Prairie Flower. Just think of all the repurpose possibilities these jars have to offer. They’re almost too pretty to burn! Almost.

          Once you’ve burnt through your luscious wax scents of either tropical lime, fresh watermelon or sun-warmed wildflowers wash out your jar with soapy water and get DIY-ing! A customer suggested this makeup jar repurpose to us and we thought it was a perfect idea, so we brought it to life!

          What’s even better about this repurpose is the fact you probably already have the supplies you need at home. What’s better than that? We decided to fill our jars with makeup and nail supplies. We found some cute glass gems for the bottom of the jar to give the makeup brushes & lipsticks some support. We stuffed another jar with fluffy cotton balls and hung a nail brush from it. This DIY took all of 5 minutes, but it was a total success!

          We love the fun, girlie look of the makeup and nail supplies in our repurposed Limited Edition butter jars! What do you think?