Reindeer Repurposed Milkbottles!

Looking for a fun craft for the kiddos to enjoy? Grab your empty Milkhouse Milkbottle jars and a few supplies to get started on your very own Repurposed Reindeer!

Supplies needed:

-empty Milkbottles (clean out with soap and water)

-pipe cleaners (1.5 per bottle, any color you’d like your antlers to be!)

-googly eyes

-small red/pink pom poms

-hot glue gun

-chocolate covered malt balls (or another brown treat)

-something to cover the bottles (used here are corks)



1.     Hot glue 2 googly eyes and 1 pom pom to the front of the bottle.

2.     Twist a pipe cleaner around the rim of the bottle. Then twist ¼ of a pipe cleaner around the ends, trimming off the excess to form antlers.

3.     Fill the bottle with chocolate malt bars.

4.     Enjoy your fun, crafty snack that doubles as décor!