We've had many, many conversations with our Milkhouse stockists lately regarding the effects of the COVID-19 on their businesses.

It's incredible the number of store-owners who are finding creative ways to serve the needs of their customers.  Stores may be closed, doors may be locked, and yet many small business owners are finding ways to bring the experience of entrepreneurship straight to the doorstep of their customers who now more than ever crave what brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs have to offer.


I'm astounded at the degree of loyalty that consumers have for the stores that serve them.  It's becoming more and more apparent each passing day that the retail shops who make it through this interesting season will win in a very big way.  I'm convinced that no big-box store or internet shopping sensation can hold a candle to the store that sells EXPERIENCE.

And while retail, in general, seems to be in a fragile state, savvy store-owners are taking matters into their own hands.  

One Milkhouse stockist had the second-best sales day in the history of her store when she decided to do a Facebook Live sale.  We've seen others, inspired by the story, do the same with incredible success.  We're seeing store owners sell memberships, do home-delivery, and find new, incredible ways to serve their audience.

Many are opening up online shops out of necessity and dusting off those email lists that they have been accumulating, but uncertain how to use. 

For those who don't have the capacity to ship products to their customers, Milkhouse has been able to help keep stores alive with it's MILK SOCIAL program, where orders from www.milkhousecandles.com help support local stores.

In short, we're all going to get through this together, and while our businesses may not look the same on the other side of COVID season, it's become very clear that the experiences that entrepreneurs are curating for their customers are an inspiration.  

Thank you, store-owners, for all you bring to our communities.  

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