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Free Shipping On Orders of $50 or More


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What you need to know

First choose which selection of candles your group wants to sell. Your options are Spring/Summer Top Fragrances or Fall/Holiday Top Fragrances (at this time substitutions are not allowed).

Next you will download the appropriate PDF order form below and customize it to include your organization name, fundraiser name, due date, and payment information (individual checks are to be made to your organization, NOT to Milkhouse Candles) and print however many you need.

No upfront costs to your organization! Customers pre-order and pay for candles, and the organization makes one order and one payment to Milkhouse Candles for the candles and keeps the profits.

  • Your cost: $10.50 per candle
  • Sale Price: $20 per candle
  • Profit: $9.50 (47.5%) per candle
  • No minimum order requirements

Once individuals are done selling, tally all candles and enter the total quantity per fragrance on the MASTER order form found at the bottom of this page. Submit ONE payment for the candles to Milkhouse.  You will keep your profits.

Keep all individual order forms and re-disperse them to the sellers once the candles arrive.

If you didn’t mark it on the original request form, email and let us know you’d like samples. We will send 3 sets of fragrance sniffers.

After the MASTER order form and payment to Milkhouse Candles are received:
  • The order will process within 5 business days and ship shortly thereafter.
  • The product delivers to one location.
  • We offer free shipping but appreciate pick-ups!
Spring/Summer Fragrance Options
Fall/Holiday Fragrance Options

Products available

Fundraisers feature our Farmhouse 13 oz Mason Jar candle in popular fragrances:

This farmhouse style mason jar is a 13 oz soy and beeswax candle that is 100% paraffin-free, lead-free wicks, and dye-free. Made in St. Ansgar, Iowa with premium fragrance oils. Burn time: 70+ hours.

How to get started

  1. Pick which Season you want to sell:  Spring/Summer or Fall/Holiday- and click the button below to download the form.
  2. Open Order form in Adobe Acrobat and customize with your organization’s information:
    • Open the Order Form
    • Enter the Organization Name on the front and back.
    • Enter the due date and the organization name to make checks payable to on the back.
    • Please note: Individual checks from customers are made out to the fundraising organization, NOT to Milkhouse Candles
  3. Print as many copies of the order form as you need.
  4. Start selling!

Final Steps

  1. The fundraiser coordinator needs to collect all order forms and payments. Tally the quantities per candle fragrance.
  2. Fill out the Fundraiser Master Order Form below:
    • Enter the total quantities per candle.  This calculates what you owe for the candles.  You will KEEP your profits!
    • Enter contact info, and shipping & billing information
    • Select if you want your product shipped, or if you will schedule a pick-up. We do not ship to PO Boxes!
  3. Select your payment method:
    • Call in with Credit Card Information
    • Mail a check
  4. If check payment was selected, print and send the completed master form with the check enclosed, or be sure to include contact information and the Fundraiser Organization Name.  Please submit only ONE check made out to Milkhouse Candle Co.
  5. Keep all individual order forms to return to the sellers once the candles are received.

The candles will ship to you in roughly 10-14 days, after payment has been received. Pick-up is available, please select Schedule Customer Pick Up on master order form.


If you have questions about your fundraiser, please reach out to our Customer Success Team:


Fundraiser Master Order

Please fill out the following information to submit your organization's order. One submission per fundraising event. Leave the field blank if you have 0 candles of a particular fragrance to order.

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Price: $10.50
Price: $10.50
Price: $10.50
Price: $10.50
Price: $10.50
Price: $10.50
Price: $10.50
Price: $10.50
Price: $10.50
Price: $10.50
Please submit payment for this amount. We accept credit card and check. Call us at 800-565-1543 with a credit card number or mail check to Milkhouse Candle Co. PO Box 385 St. Ansgar, IA 50472 Payment must be received before order will ship.


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