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Light Up Your 4th!

Join us in making DIY Mason Jar Tiki Torches! We added some spark to our Fourth of July this year by reusing our 13 oz mason jar candle jars. This project takes 10 min or less and is one that will last all summer long!


Keep those pesky bugs away as you celebrate the outdoors this summer, especially on July 4th! We love being outside enjoying the bright summer sun, but
we could do without the bugs! Light these torches up day or night to cast a glow around you and yours all while keeping the bothersome critters at bay!

You will need:

  • 3 empty mason jars with lids (simply clean out your candle wax with warm soapy water OR freeze the wax and chip out with a butter knife)
  • tiki torch fuel (clear)
  • cotton wick ropes
  • drill
  • food coloring


Step One: take your mason jar lids and drill holes large enough for the wicks to fit through.

Step Two: fill 3 mason jars with tiki torch fuel. In one jar drip red food coloring, in another drip blue food coloring, stir to reach your desired color.

Step Three: insert wicks through lids and screw securely onto jars.

Step Four: light it up and celebrate!



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