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The Story of the Milkhouse Candle Company: How A North Iowa Couple Built a Candle Empire

Janet & Eric, in the begninning

If there’s one thing that could calm our restless souls and soothe our racing minds, it’s the relaxing flicker of a scented candle. And there’s no candle more perfect for this job than a Milkhouse Candle. If you’re a candle enthusiast, you’ve probably already got a list of your favorites. But do you know the story behind how this candle empire started? Sit back, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and let this story take you on a journey of how a young couple made their romantic hobby into a thriving business.


A few years back a couple named Eric and Janet were looking for a way to spend some quality time together. They started making candles at their kitchen table, using mason jars they found in the barn on their acreage. These were their date nights, a time to bond over a new hobby. 


Eric was a 3rd-grade teacher and Janet an occupational therapist at the time. They began using the candles they made to decorate their home, and as they were planning for their outdoor wedding, they made all the candles themselves and used them as a part of the décor. They would take their extra creations to work and leave them in the breakroom for others to enjoy.  Their co-workers soon started leaving money and slips of paper with orders for more as they continued to be intrigued by the wonderful scents left on the breakroom table. Soon enough, Eric and Janet were making candles into the wee hours of the night to fill these orders for their colleagues as they juggled their full-time jobs.  It was at this point the couple knew they were on the cusp of something big.


As the word spread, their hobby eventually turned into a business. Eric hung up his teaching hat and went all in on the candle business.  Milkhouse Candles was born.  Their journey continued as they expanded their production and built a website to sell their candles online. Eventually, Janet would join in full-time as well.  Soy wax infused with beeswax was their key ingredient, sourced from the Hearthland, which they found to be better than paraffin for many reasons. It was renewable, sustainable, clean, and Midwest-grown, a tribute to their lovely upbringing in the heart of America. Their candles were so lovely and unique that they quickly found a fanbase that appreciated that they were environmentally friendly candles, that burned exceptionally well, smelled amazing, and offered a beautiful experience.


Flash forward to today, things still continue to grow for Milkhouse Candles.  The candles and fragrance melts are sold all over the United States, in addition to other countries worldwide. Milkhouse now also sells bulk wax to other candle manufacturers and hobbyists, in addition to filling candles on contract for other businesses. Being the makers of one of the most popular candle brands and a supplier of high-quality wax in the industry, Eric and Janet’s business continues to thrive.


The Milkhouse Candle Company is a beautiful example of how a small hobby can turn into something much larger. All you need is some creativity, a passion for your work, and an entrepreneurial drive to succeed. The next time you light up a Milkhouse Candle, let your senses take you on a journey to create your own story. 

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